9 Times Cats Did the Funniest Things Ever

Cats are the best pets, but they’re also quite odd. As the old saying goes, Cats have nine lives which they use to get into all sorts of hilarious situations! Here are some of the funniest times cats did the funniest things ever.

1) When they’re caught sleeping in weird positions

Cats are curious creatures, and they’re often up to something. Sometimes that means they’re caught sleeping in funny places. Here are some of the funniest cat naps we’ve seen:
This is one sleepy kitty! The position this cat sleeps would be uncomfortable for most people, but it’s just their thing. There’s no point fighting it, so this kitty goes with it. It doesn’t matter where they end up if they get a good cat nap!

2) When they play with their food

Cats might be one of the most intelligent animals on Earth, but they have a lot of strange quirks, too. For example, when they play with their food. We’ve seen cats try to catch their prey (even if it’s just a feather), but what amazes us is cats play with their food by batting it around and chewing on it for a bit before swallowing.

3) When they have a staring contest with you

The first time I had a staring contest with one of my cats, I was surprised at how long they could hold it. Sometimes they would win, and sometimes I would, but it never felt like a battle to see who could outlast the other. The game of cat and human went back and forth, and when we started to blink, our eyes would meet again. There are so many videos on YouTube of cats playing this game with their owners – it’s fun for both parties involved!

4) When they try to steal your food

Cats are sneaky creatures and will go to great lengths to get your attention. Sometimes they’ll even steal food right out of your plate! Here are a few times that cats did the funniest things ever.

5) When they run away from home

One time when my friend’s cat ran away from home, she found her in an abandoned house on the other side of town. The cat had moved in and made herself at home – she didn’t want to come back!

6) When they get scared by their reflection

Cats are very territorial animals and don’t like it when they see their reflection in the glass. Some cats will even go as far as to attack or claw at the mirror if they see themselves in it. It’s hilarious to watch, but you can’t just leave a cat alone in a room with its reflection.

7) When they play with water

Cats are notorious for their love of water, and often they will find ways to get wet. One way they do this is by catching water from a running faucet with their paws or lapping it up from a bowl.

8) When they make funny faces

Cats are known for their adorable faces, but sometimes they do the funniest things. Check out these nine times cats did the funniest things ever!

  1. When this kitty was a little too excited to see his friend after a long day
  2. When this kitty couldn’t decide which toy to play with first
  3. When this cat’s owner asked them if they wanted to be friends, they were like, No thanks 4.

9) When they try to fit into small spaces

Cats can be curious animals and do almost anything to get their paws on something that’s out of reach. Whether it’s a shoe or a piece of string, our cats are always up for a challenge. One thing that we’ve seen our cats do over and over again is trying to squeeze themselves into small spaces. It’s almost as if they like to see how much they can fit in there!

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