Bored with Bay Area Cat Boarding? Try Bay Ferries Cat!

With Bay Area Cat Boarding, you can relax knowing that your kitty will be treated like royalty! They’ll have plenty of space to run around and play, both indoors and out. They’ll receive their cat-sized beds, soft blankets and premium cat food! They won’t want to leave when you return from your vacation, but if you want them to come home with you, they’ll be happy to oblige after a trip on Bay Ferries Cat!

What is Bay Ferries Cat?

Bay Ferries Cat offers cat boarding on Bay Ba Island in the bay area. We provide a safe, secure environment for your pet. All of our catteries are air-conditioned and located away from noise and traffic to keep your pet happy and healthy while they are away from home.
Bay Area Cat Rescue is a no-kill shelter that offers adoptions of cats and kittens. They operate throughout the bay area providing adoptions and information about cats. You can take one of their guided tours around bay ba island or learn about the bay area’s history. Bay ferries cat also does tours.

How is it different from other cat-boarding options?

Bay Ferries Cat offers a unique experience for people tired of the Bay Area or who want to take their cat on vacation. Bay Cats is located on beautiful and serene Bay Island, offering the feeling of relaxation. Bay Cats provides a new opportunity for Bay Area cats that have been adopted from shelters or are no longer needed by their original owners. There are many different options and programs to help you find the perfect fit for your kitty friend while they travel in style.

Why should I try it?

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a pet boarding house in the Bay Area but need help figuring out where to start. Bay Ferries Cat is your one-stop shop for everything feline in the Bay Area. We offer some services, including cat ba island tours and bay area cat adoption. We also have tons of fun resources on our blog, like articles about bay area cat rescue and tips on sprucing up your home for your new furry friend. So what are you waiting for? Call us at (415) 555-1234 and learn more about Bay Ferries Cat today!

How do I get started?

Bay Cats was founded in 2022 by Angela and her daughter, who have been rescuing cats for nearly 20 years. After a reasonable amount of time volunteering at Bay Area Cat Rescue and the San Francisco SPCA, they realised that many more cats out there needed help. They opened Bay Cats to provide another option for those looking for a safe place to board their kitty during vacations or need some extra TLC. If you’re interested in adopting your new best friend, Bay Cats is partnered with Bay Area Cat Rescue and offers adoptions every Saturday from 11 am-3 pm.

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